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Listing Benefits

Listing Benefits

More often than not, customers refer to printed directories, use telephonic information services, and the Internet to seek information about the different sources of Educational Institutes and Courses. Your absence from any of these mediums is your competitor's gain while for you, it is a business opportunity lost.

Many Institutes rely on Studymunch.com to attract new Students as well as provide valuable information to existing Institutes and Students.

The benefits that our platform offers parallels the best in the information search industry.

Household Brand

More and more Institute and Students across India prefer Studymunch.com over any other information provider for their everyday Educational needs.

Variety of Institutes and Courses

Provides information on all Institutes and Courses.

Continuous Reach

Reach your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, when they are actively looking for information about your Institutes and Courses. You can now reach a ready-to-search customer at the point of joining.

Enhanced Visibility

Subscribing to any of our services increases visibility of your Institutes and Courses to a massive audience.

Cost Effective

An advert with an online listing is cheaper than an equivalent printed listing in a magazine or newspaper.

Direct Communication with Customers

Get in touch with potential consumers instantly through our personalized services.

Instant SMS/Email

Customers get answers to their queries instantly on their cell phone through SMS, or in their email Inbox.

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